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Flickr Viewr Beta 0.2

Enjoy Flickr pictures without even opening a browser


  • An easier way to browse Flickr


  • Too basic, lacks many functions

Not bad

Flickr Viewr seems quite promising when offering you the possibility to review Flickr's pictures without even opening a web browse. It does work exactly that way, but in such a simple way that we were somewhat deceived: we simply expected something more.

Yes, you can browse Flickr pictures. And yes, you can do so without a web browser. Just enter the tags for the pictures you want to seee and Flickr Viewr will display them in an automatic slideshow. Although the idea of the program is good and original, we missed some extra functionalities, such as being able to download the pictures to your PC, set them as wallpaper, link to them on Flickr (only links to the author's account) or even being able to customize the slideshow.

Flickr Viewr is an application for viewing images from Flickr. It is very simple to use! All you have to do is write the tags you want to view images from. Let's say that you want to view images from the beaches in Rio, you can write "Rio,beach" in the tag field, and then click "Feed me with pics", then the images will come to you desktop! Each image will show for approximately 5 seconds, then a new image will automatically load.

You need to be registered with Flickr to use this, but it's totally free, and takes 20 seconds to sign up! You should do this anyway, because it's the best online photo-gallery out there!

Flickr Viewr


Flickr Viewr Beta 0.2

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